Popular Marble Slabs in Toronto Homes

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Your home is your castle, and as such it should reflect your sense of style and creativity. For many of us, home ownership is a source of great pride and will likely be the biggest investment we’ll ever make; the materials that go into its construction or renovation should therefore be of the utmost quality to ensure they last as long in the home as you do. When it comes to adding class and unique beauty, only popular marble slabs for your Toronto home will make the cut.

Marble Slabs in Toronto

Marble has been one of the most popular stones used throughout history, and with good reason. Composed of metamorphosed limestone buried deep beneath the Earth’s crust for thousands of years under high pressure, it not only exudes natural beauty and charm, but also stands the test of time. Many famous sculptures and buildings have been chiselled from marble, with one of the most famous being the domes atop the Taj Mahal, which have enjoyed long-lasting beauty for well over three centuries.
Marble in its original form is generally found in very large sheets in the ground, and is cut into blocks and slabs before excavation. These slabs are then sent to distributors who in turn display them in a showroom to allow you to sample and choose the stone that’s right for you. Although you may reserve the stone of your choice, it will also be necessary to procure the services of a fabricator. The fabricator will create sketches and prototypes of your desired product, from floor tiles to countertops to fixtures and everything in between; and when the dimensions are right, the fabricator will  fashion the marble slabs into a ready material for your home.

Marble for Life

Marble has enjoyed a popular reputation for so long not only because of its natural beauty, but also due largely in part to its durability and longevity. With proper care and a quality sealant, marble countertops, for example, can remain scratch and stain-free for generations, providing a clean, healthy space to prepare your family’s meals. While the initial cost of marble may be slightly higher than that of wood, for example, the benefits, beauty, and long-term enjoyment without the need for replacement make the slightly higher initial cost more than worth it. Visit a showroom for your personalized tour today and be sure to ask lots of questions about your purchase. Also, be prepared to answer questions from the staff in order for them to provide you with the stone that’s right for your project. As a word to the wise, never examine just a small piece of marble; always ask to see the entire slab. Marble slabs generally have a great deal of natural variations and it is best to see the entire piece and realize that not all tiles will be exactly alike. Consider using popular marble slabs for your next Toronto home renovation project.